The Brothers of WHAT?

Welcome. My name is Steve McCartney and a I want to welcome you to the "Brothers of Encouragement". The boundaries of golfing sportsmanship have been sorely tested over the years, never more so than for the last 10 years that the gentlemen of the St. Patrick's & St. Andrew's Brothers of Encouragement Golf society have been touring internationally.



Yes. the boundaries of several golf courses, both local & in Donegal, have felt the expectant trample of many a set of Brother's feet as he searches for his umpteenth lost ball on the beach / riverbed / car roof / helipad / whatever... Settling into a familiar pattern of an Autumnal outing around a local course and a Spring 2 day extravaganza at Rosapenna in Donegal, over 70 different players have benefited from individually- tailored coaching on technique, etiquette as well as equipment and most importantly nutrition."


The emphasis has always been on relaxation, enjoyment and fellowship", and win-at-all-cost competitors have been encouraged to bear this in mind as they submit themselves to the gruelling exercise regime put in place to achieve the finely honed physique of the handicap committee; several 5 mile walks (or longer, depending on ability to slice n' hook), 15 minute (Jacuzzi) swims, treks through deep unyielding carpet, and the mental torture of translating languages ( on several menus...) Such selflessness. of course, demonstrates how keen the Brothers have been to appeal to all sections of the gender divide, as this last announcement for the tour so clearly evidences; Furthermore, new players are always welcome, and an addition to the usual Autumn Outing is the introduction of a teenagers' category to the existing list of prize categories ("best net score"; "highest miles on a golf buggy"; "the Sweeney memorial worst golf attire"...).


Join Us! Should anyone be interested in finding out more about the Brothers of Encouragement, the President, Steve McCartney, can be reached through the Parish office.



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Steve McCartney

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Mr Steve McCartney