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In 2 Corinthians 9:7, Paul encourages us to give: 'joyfully,' after praying  about things, and taking time to carefully think things through.



Most of the money donated to the church is spent maintaining and sustaining the ongoing ministry of the Parish. This includes  everything from the electricity bill,to our insurance and staff salaries. The Vestry are also committed to giving 10% of our income  each  year to  supporting the  worldwide church in its mission and care for the poor.


In  addition,  every   year  we  pay  a  significant amount  to the  Diocese of Connor to help them with their wider ministry  within the Church of Ireland.



It costs around £1,000 a day to sustain our ongoing ministry at St Patrick's.

We do not receive any 'Central Funding' or outside help with the cost of our staff salaries and running costs. That means that virtually all of our income comes from the regular giving



Part of our calling as a church is to be a 'PEOPLE WHO GIVE' - we want to be a community  of Christians who give generously of both our time and money as an expression of our worship and gratitude to God.

As a church we encourage each other to give:



In several places,the Bible suggests a 'tithe' - 10% of our income- as being a benchmark figure for us to prayerfully  consider giving to God's work. On other occasions,we are encouraged to give more than this as an ongoing expression of our thanks and gratitude for God's generous provision.


To the Church

As the New Testament lays great emphasis on the importance of the local church,our understanding is that the majority,if not all of our tithe,should go there. This, in turn,places a huge responsibility on both the Rector and Vestry, who are charged, under God, to  be good stewards  of  what  they receive.



As we understand it,it is both helpful and Biblical to give regularly - ideally on a weekly,or monthly basis. Setting up a Standing Order makes giving much easier,saves on administration, and allows for better management and accountability.



Please consider the use of a Standing Order for your weekly giving as there are several benefits:


It is easy, convenient and confidential.


After setting up your standing order, your Bank will pay your weekly or monthly offering out of your account.


Your giving will always be up to date, even if you are on holiday, or unable to attend church.


You will no longer need to find the right money to put in a Freewill Offering envelope, or to write a cheque, as this standing order will replace that system.


Tax payers can also complete a Gift Aid Declaration which will increase the value of their weekly giving to St Patrick's Church by 25% at no additional cost to themselves.


St Patrick's will greatly benefit in reduced administration as more parishioners decide to adopt this form of giving.


Gift Aid is a Government Scheme managed by HM Revenue & Customs which allows charities to increase the value of gifts of money from UK taxpayers by claiming back the basic rate tax paid by the donor. It can increase the value of donations by a quarter at no extra cost to the donor.


Please note the following practicalities:


To be eligible for the Gift Aid Scheme you must pay an amount of income or capital gains tax equal to the tax we reclaim on your donations.


If you are giving as a couple but only one of you is a taxpayer all forms should be completed in the name of the taxpayer.


If you pay tax at a higher rate you can nominate St Patrick's to receive additional relief by simply quoting our specific number on your Self Assessment tax return. This number can be obtained from the Treasurer or via the Parish Office.


If you cease to pay tax you must cancel your Gift Aid Declaration by notifying the Church Treasurer.


If you would like to donate using the Gift Aid scheme, please complete the Gift Aid Declaration form and hand it to one of the Church Staff or send it to the Parish Office.

Treasurer: Mr David Taylor


Tel: (Via Parish Office : 02870344213