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Christingle Service December 2017

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BBC Televised Harvest Service 1996



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Sunday 26th June 2016 : Music Highlights

Castlerock Beach BBQ June 2017

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Restored Ministries New Van. Thank you for all donations

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St Patrick's Coleraine: At the heart of the community, with the community on our heart. Join Us!. A few years ago, Management Guru Peter Drucker suggested that every organisation should have a one line Mission Statement, or slogan, capable of being printed on a tee shirt and legible at fifty paces. A few years ago, a well known credit card company—you’ll know who they are—came up with the slogan, “That’ll do nicely!”—three words that told the customer that this company was committed to making their life easier by providing a very user-friendly credit facility. More recently, a well known grocer came up with the one-liner, “Every little helps!”—reminding hard-pressed shoppers that they were committed to looking after family budgets and providing exceptional value for money in these challenging economic times. Over the last few months, we’ve spent some time reviewing our Parish Mission Statement with the intention of coming up with something equally memorable that conveyed something of ‘what we’re about’ as a church family. Lots of options were considered, some of them were very good, but for the time being, we’ve settled on, “St. Patrick’s—at the heart of the community, with the community on our hearts.” In the first instance, it reminds us of our very privileged ‘physical location’ in the heart of the town—something we’re thinking and praying about a lot, as we consider new ways of connecting with the folk that pass our front door every day of the week. Over the last year, our church building has been used for all sorts of

different events like our Summer Recital Series, our seasonal concerts, and our ongoing routine of Sunday Prayer and Worship. Connections are being made, lives are being touched, and good things are happening. It’s just a beginning, but already we have so much for which to be thankful! Then secondly, our ‘slogan’ reminds us about our commitment to the wider community and to those who aren’t with us week-by-week—something that’s expressed through the work that goes on in our local Primary Schools, through the compassion ministry of Restored as we deliver furniture to hundreds of homes each year, and through the ongoing ‘Community Ministry’ at St. Andrew’s, Ballysally. Every month, hundreds of people give a significant amount of their time to quietly serving their friends and neighbours. Once again, it’s just a beginning, but already we have so much for which to be thankful! Then finally, and most importantly, there’s a reminder that the most important change we long for in our community is the ‘change of heart’ that occurs as people come to share in the joy of knowing Jesus as their Saviour, Redeemer and Friend. Throughout our web site you’ll discover about the way God is at work in us, and through us—changing lives and changing our community—I hope you enjoy your online visit and if you would like to find out more, or want to get involved, don’t hesitate to get in touch—better still, come and join us—you’d be more than welcome! With my love and prayers.

Roger Cooke. Rector