Being a parent is an important and very demanding job. Support used to come from our families, but today many of us live far away from relatives and have to cope on our own.


Bringing up our young children can be very difficult. Sharing anxieties and problems can be a great help—just knowing that someone else has the same difficulties can ease the stress.


Life can be very lonely when you are at home with a baby or toddler; everyone needs friends—even a parent!!

We hope to provide somewhere you can make friends and relax.


Activities include

Welcome and registration

• Refreshments

• Singing together

• Using our hands or Story time

• Time to tidy up!


What is learned early in life lays the foundation for adulthood. Together as team leaders, parents and carers, we are here to love, encourage and nurture in our children the wisdom of Christian

family values and foster in them a deep love of God and His Son Jesus Christ.


Why not drop in to see us in the Main Hall on a Wednesday morning? You are assured of a very warm welcome in a non-threatening environment.


The group meets every Wednesday 10am—12:00noon during school terms and is only suitable for preschool children. It is organised by the Coleraine Parish Mothers’ Union.


May Gourley


Gallery End