ST ANDREW'S Introduction



St Andrew's Church

Hazeldene Drive



Co Londonderry.


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St Andrews's is located in Ballysally, Coleraine. Great is His faithfulness. When Ballysally estate was built in the '70s on the outskirts of town, it became home to many young families from Coleraine and the surrounding outlying areas. A good number of these families did not have a car of their own and it wasn't easy to make it into town to worship in either St. Patrick's or Killowen.


 In 1976 it was decided to purchase a Portacabin and place it right in the heart of Ballysally, beside the Community Centre and Nursery School. To begin with people met there one night a week, but in time there was a Sunday fellowship and Sunday School. Those were times of great fellowship; but the Portacabin was small and narrow and it wasn't long before the congregation started to outgrow it.


 After much discussion and deliberation, it was decided to build a church on the site. Canon James Munroe was the then Rector and in a letter to St. Andrew's congregation on their 10th anniversary he wrote, "I will never forget the year leading up to the announcement on Palm Sunday 1979 that the Parish had decided to build. It was a year of earnest prayer and deep and long discussion from which came the conviction that the time was right, the site was right and the design of the building was right; and that God's hand of blessing was on our undertaking." The church as we know it today was designed by Mr Graham MacDonald and was consecrated by Bishop Butler on 9th September 1981.


It was given the name St. Andrew's after the apostle who is most acknowledged for his gifting of bringing people to Jesus - and this was the hope for the new church in Ballysally - that through this fellowship the people of Ballysally would be brought to Jesus. The curate in charge then was Rev. Ernest Harris and the collect of St. Andrew was used in the consecration service which prayed that God would "call us by His Holy Word and give us grace to follow without delay, and to tell the good news of His kingdom."


Today, our wee church in the heart of Ballysally still seeks to serve and love the people who make this estate their home. St. Andrew's Church sets out to be a friendly, family church, where everyone is welcomed and feels special. We extend a warm welcome to everyone and the relaxed atmosphere of our church, we hope, will be one you remember and want to become a part of. We meet each Sunday morning at 11.00am and we would love to see you. Why not take a look at our other weekly activities? There's something for everyone, so why not come and join us! St. Andrew's vision for Ballysally Estate is to reach the lost for Christ, point them to the Saviour and disciple them into becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.


This means coming out from the fortress mentality where we drop the drawbridge and send out the troops, have a mission and then retreat for another five years. I know that the faithful in St. Andrew's have been reaching out and going out into the parish and we pray that God will continue to use us to extend His kingdom in this way. There is no impact without contact. For those of us who are Believers my prayer is that we will become mature in Christ so that we may be ambassadors for Him. Join Us!