ER? What’s it all about? What do you do there? Why should I be there? If you are in 3rd year or older, these are questions you should be asking yourself!



teenagers, who meet in the Minor Hall, St.

Patrick’s halls on a Sunday night from 7:30 to 9:30. Our aim is that we will truly Experience Reality—that REAL friendships will be made, REAL fun will be had, REAL friendships will be made and grown, REAL truths will be discovered, and REAL experiences of the REAL God will be experienced.


Last year we used the names of TV

programmes, to create themes for each night, to base our bible studies on. E.g. “Ugly Betty”—Where we studied and thought about self image, the importance we place on it, and where we should put our priorities.


At the end of the year, come summer time, the first week of July a whole squad of ER troops head to Summer Madness, to enjoy the Christian festival. Great music, great banter, great experiences.


Also in the summer, a lot of our young folk

get away during the summer, to use what

they have learnt and gained

from ER and bless other

people around the world with

it. This can be as close to

home as our very own

GROW team in the St. Pat’s

halls, to getting away to

Ukraine, just like

Claire Wisener and Amy

McConkey, or even Paraguay

like our very own Hannah


This year, our programme is split up into three big chunks


—Firstly we will be looking at ME & GOD—looking at who we are, who God is, and the relationship between the two.


---Secondly we will be looking at ME & GOD & MY EVERYDAY LIFE—how does the relationship between ME & GOD effect our


And Finally we will be going on to cover ME & GOD & THE REST OF THE WORLD—discovering the importance of our responsibility to love God’s creation, along with the other people who God created.


But don’t worry—it’s not all serious stuff! Once a month we have a night of social


Stuff—a night where you can just switch off and chill out. Last year we rented out a venue where we were able to enjoy an acoustic evening, where we were able to eat, listen, chat and enjoy. There is so much more in store than in this little blurb—ER is not something you can contain within a few paragraphs, it is a REAL EXPERIENCE, you have to EXPERIENCE it yourself. So come on down; the craic is mighty and you will be welcomed in with open arms.



Once you’ve left Sunday School, and Primary school, you are welcome to come and join us in Pathfinders or Lazers. In these groups we have lots of fun games, challenging activities, and thrilling discussions—you will come away

feeling stretched and fulfilled.


Pathfinders is based in St. Patrick’s Church hall during the Daybreak service—So arrive before 10:00am to fill your tummy with some lovely breakfast and then head up to our lovely wee Pathfinders room!


Lazers is the St Andrew’s equivalent—same age group, same fun activities, same programme (and we even give you breakfast too!). Just come to the service at 11:00am and we will nip off to our wee room during the service.


Last year, both groups followed the same programme—looking at things like “The Character of Jesus.” This year we are working our way through the Lord’s Prayer—trying to discover the truth behind the words that Jesus taught us to say when praying to God. What does it mean when we say Our Father? Thy

kingdom come? Come along to find out more, can’t wait to see you there!



St Patricks Church

The Parish Centre

50 Brook Street, Coleraine,

Co Londonderry.

BT52 1PY.


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